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Over 45 years of experience in high profile global business and property negotiations. We have successfully negotiated a change to an ACT of Parliament that revolutionized the way in which strata is now viewed in ALL of Australia. We have successfully negotiated some famous Sydney Landmark Properties and Businesses.


You may never know what you CAN OR WOULD HAVE saved. Don’t GET OUTSMARTED when you are dealing with Property OR Business transactions. Allow us to set the strategy to execute all your real estate and business proposals. We have already served over 1500 clients worldwide.


A name that you can rely on by achieving results that exceed your expectations by saving you money and stress associated with major Real Estate and Business TRANSACTIONS. Even the best of the best get caught in these types of dealings so BE PREPARED! Our motto ” when you deal with us, YOU can deal in confidence“.


Simply put we are Property and Business Specialists for residential, commercial, industrial and Business Sales & Leasing. We possess an excellent knowledge of Finance to get the results you deserve. We know what will suit you in short and long term strategies, so talk to us before you leap into uncharted waters and cause yourself huge costs and/or losses!

Business Representation

We will represent you throughout your most crucial hour of need and we will work with you TOWARDS A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME!


Whilst most people don’t think of PROFESSIONAL BUYERS or Representation,
Ask yourself “How much do you stand to loose by representing yourself through these crucial financial transactions AND will you ever know ?


As a Licensed Real Estate & Business Broker we know ” HOW TO” close the deal for you … by getting you THE BEST RESULTS. We have skills and many  years of knowledge that you need to achieve a successful sale and/or outcome. DON’T BE FOOLED into thinking otherwise ! WE KNOW WHEN TO HOLD’EM AND WHEN TO FOLD’EM! YOU need that skill!


Strategy is a very crucial part of HOW WE DO IT. Without knowing all the relevant details and circumstances, we simply cannot devise a WINNING STRATEGY! We will identify your strengths and weaknesses to point out the associated RISKS with your proposals and/or Business (and of course, your failings!) and then we will turn it around, as we have both the knowledge the skills to do that.

Open discussions are crucial towards acting honestly and OPENLY about your NEEDS, that will enable us to achieve a WIN WIN strategy for you!


We know how to structure your Business and your SUCCESS.
We know Property Development AND HOW TO structure a Joint Venture agreement for a successful outcome.
We want to save you Time and Money.
We discuss fees to suit your needs.
We are contactable 12 hours per day via email, text, and phone.
We are available to you at anytime during our Agency period provided that all terms are agreed to (as stipulated in our Terms o of Agreement).

Need Finance ?

Caveat Loans
Business Loans
Over 47 years in Business. I know how to help you !


I’m always looking forward to my next business venture.
Send me a note, and let’s get started on your business today!

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